The Oktoberfest is hosted by two of the three Summerville Rotary Clubs.

Summerville Evening Rotary Club #SECRotary

The Evening Rotary Club of Summerville, SC was started in 2010 as a sister club to the Rotary Club of Summerville, commonly known as the Summerville Lunch Club. This evening club was necessary to grow Rotary in the Summerville area offering an evening meeting time.  The club was officially chartered by Rotary International on May 13, 2010 and officially designated as club number 83164.

Meeting Information:

400 Country Club Blvd, Summerville, SC 29483 at Monday, 05:30 PM.

Summerville Oakbrook Rotary Club #SOBRotary

Club Description (Founded June 28, 1991)


Meeting Information
Wescott Plantation Golf Clubhouse
5000 Wescott Club Drive Summerville, Monday, 07:30 AM